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Tyga Ain’t Worried About Meek Mill’s Crushing On Kylie Jenner, See Reasons

Never let them see you sweat. Upon hearing the hype that Meek Mill is hardcore crushing on Kylie Jenner, Tyga has remained cool, calm, and totally collected.

For a man who just got dumped by his girlfriend, Tyga, 27, is surprisingly beaming with confidence! The rapper doesn’t care that Meek Mill, 28, is crushing on Kylie Jenner, 19, because, in his eyes at least, it’s only a matter of time before she comes crawling back. “Tyga has Kylie on lock,” a source tells ” She’s not going anywhere and he’s not threatened by Meek. No disrespect, but Tyga isn’t about to get rattled just because another dude is on his girl’s page being thirsty.”

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Ever since Kylie reportedly broke up with the “Gucci Snakes” rapper, Meek has been liking all of her Instagram photos and sending her private messages. “Meek is totally crushing on Kylie,” a additional source  confirms to us. “He’s always thought she was super hot. She’s just his type — tiny waist and a Kardashian booty.” Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound like somebody else we know? Oh yes, Meek’s ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj. The “Litty” hitmaker definitely had a soft spot for dark haired women with curves for DAYS!

But if you think Tyga is bothered by Meek’s compliments? Think again. “He feels she’s the sexiest woman he’s ever been with, so it’s natural for another man to lust after her,” the source adds. So now we have to wonder if the makeup thinks the same of Meek? Could they really become the next it-couple in Hollywood? We already know Kylie likes dark-skinned rappers with tattoos and buzzed hair. The only problem with dating Meek is that Nicki might get super, super pissed! The last thing Kylie needs is ANOTHER crazy ex-girlfriend on her hands.


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