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DISCLAIMER: This story is totally fictions. Some of the characters, names, incidents, businesses and certain locations and events have been fictionalized. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person living or dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional. All rights reserved solely to the author Nwauwa Justice Duke. For further enquiries contact:; OR Call  07068885191,07061201750.


Staring down from the thirteenth storey window of my office, I could clearly see the hustle and bustle below. The traffic in Lagos was not something one wished to experience. Hawkers selling all manner of commodities to passengers in the moving vehicles, running after them in a speed that could dust Usain Bolt in a marathon. My life was relatively fantastic but I was in deep shit. I did own a house in Lekki, a fleet of exotic cars, a doting fiancée who would give everything for me, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I did clean up pretty good since my early days wasn’t much intriguing. We were so stuck in poverty that I needed His saving grace to find a day’s meal.

The girls never did come around because I had nothing to offer except for my intelligence. The ones that came by me were there so I could help them with their assignments. Even the ones that got too close, to the point that I felt that they were feeling me as I did them, didn’t really stick around as I often get to find out that I never really mattered in their lives like I thought. Never in those days did love seem to stumble across my path because I primarily could not afford it. I continued in my solitary path without much prospects for a better tomorrow. I had only my intelligence as it seemed as the only thing that could liberate me from untold hardship. I figured I needed to focus on myself and find wealth, because with money comes girls and then I can have as many as I want. I tried so hard to cope in school with so many hungry nights endured until I met Clara. Beautifully elegant and face with features set in their appropriate places with the complexion of mildly tanned caramel. Her curvy body size further adds to her assets as her still upright bosom commands enormous attention and her backside was not something to overlook.

I still couldn’t figure out why Clara fell for me and the much love and affection she showed me was fascinating. To further stabilize my financial status, she got her mother to give me a job at their family house as a handyman and there even though there wasn’t much to do, it was still an opportunity to make a little money over the holidays and save up for the next semester. It seemed my life had taken a turn eventually as I started getting massive attention since this little money was cleaning up my life gradually. Though I was massively built already, I still commenced on working out to further broaden my body size. Over there in Lagos, with my recently developed abs and chest coupled with the little money I had, I was getting in its excesses all the attention that I was seeking in school, but I still kept my cool with Clara since all I had did belong to her.

I had gotten pretty close to Clara’s mum despite the fact that I wasn’t of the status that she would want for her daughter but she recognized my impact on Clara’s academics and also because of my handiness around the house she had no option than to accept me. I was undoubtedly brilliant and I also possessed a remarkable sense of direction and seemingly I was a good influence on her child. Clara’s mum, Eunice was a single mother, a divorcee and pretty much in wealth. She was in her late forties and possessed an exotic body and beautiful features as well. One wouldn’t go far wondering where Clara got her assets from as this lady was sexually packaged. She had gotten used to having me around the house that she even asks me up to her room to fix things, so as I climbed the white sands stone staircase up to her room, I knew it wasn’t proper going up there when Clara was not around. I could have waited but Eunice’s summon was urgent.

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