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Eunice slipped back into her clothes at the same speed that she had used to undress and slipped out of the room with a smile on her face totally satisfied with our encounter. I slept off immediately as I had given my all in satisfying Eunice. When I woke up around seven that evening, she had already served us dinner by herself relieving Nkiru the house help of her duties that evening. Clara was fascinated but she couldn’t tell what brought about the sudden cheerfulness her mother displayed that evening.

We sat in cozy outdoor atmosphere of their house when she mentioned her mother’s cheerfulness and her sudden interest in me, I was taken aback but I jokingly played that it was maybe as a result of somebody giving her some nice touches. She playfully smacked me on the head as she burst into laughter. I felt good because I had all things under control and also felt a lot fulfilled because it was a rare pleasure to be smashing both mother and child. Banging Eunice opened a lot of good tidings as my nice touches made her want me more and thus she sought to make me happy by granting every of my requests. It was sort of adventurous pulling this kind of skit under Clara’s nose and she never suspected a thing. We had bouts of cex in several absurd places and worked so many styles Clara wouldn’t even hear of.

This situation continued for long even after our graduation from the university. Eunice had her friend find me a very fancy job with a massive pay packet but even with my earnings, she never wanted me to move out of her house. I didn’t put up much trouble since I felt my life was almost getting perfect. Only problem was that I was getting fed up with Eunice’s horrendous sex demands and Clara was so uneventful in bed to the extent that she was boring me out. I needed fresh meat to satisfy this new urges coming up at this time. Problem was, I had enough on my plate already; I should probably focus on my work so I don’t run into trouble.

I had successfully kept a lid on it till one night after we all had dinner and has retired for the night. Clara had finished her facial cleaning procedures and slept off like she did not notice that I was rock hard and ready to take her. I tried to calm myself and get my erect size down but I felt ever restless, I couldn’t go to Eunice because these days being inside her disgust me. I decided to go down to the kitchen to get a glass of water and see if I could get some sleep. So I went downstairs and headed straight to the kitchen and there stood Clara’s maid, by the sink doing the dishes. Nkiru’s low cut night gown clung on to her frame and hung on her waist. Her behind was so heavily loaded, I never knew she was this curvaceous and sexy. I stood watching her do the dishes and all I saw in my head was a wonderful erotic display of foamy wetness on sweet flesh. Just in an instant, my erection set in as the prints of her panties was totally visible granting me sights of the curves of her firm well-rounded buttocks. She felt my presence and turned just as I was still engrossed in my sight-seeing. My erection was so obvious that I couldn’t even hide it so I moved closer. She sensed my protruding bulge and got apprehensive but there was no way the sink, which she held so tightly could grant her an escape.

“Good evening sir, you are still awake”…she mumbled to get my stare away from the firmly rounded mounds of flesh beneath her braless blouse. Her taut nipples held my attention as I couldn’t manage to keep my eyes off them.

“How have you been,” I asked in a bid to ease her apprehension.

“I’m very fine sir”…she said as even her fidgeting stance was not doing justice to her bosom as her night gown clung onto her breast and the stretch her nipples made on it was too visible.

“See ehn, I would very much love to touch those and I will give you anything you want” I said already inches away from her.

“No sir, Anty is sleeping upstairs, I cannot do this.” She said using her arms to cover her bosom.

I was already into it and there was no going back so I reached further and held my palm over her mouth to keep her from shouting as I ripped her night gown apart leaving her bare and at the same time caressing her firm breast. Her free arms were struggling, fighting and scratching but she was no match for me as I swiftly got her on the floor and pinned her down. Kneeling astride over her, I got both of her swinging arms pinned down above her head with my free hand and then I ripped off her panties. She bit my palm the moment her panties flew off and I endured the pain knowing fully well that if I let go, it would be game over for me in that house so I held tightly. I pulled my boxers short down releasing my biggie and penetrated her. She let off a loud yelp, the moment I entered her and I was quite sure it could have woken up our sleeping companions. I still held my hands over her mouth and commenced on the in and out jerking’s while she wimped at each thrust. My quick thrusts coupled with the earlier struggle made me cum quick as I released a massive load into her, having being sapped of the strength to pull out before release.

When I finally got off her, fully satisfied, it then dawned on me what I had just done. She still lay there, curled like a softball, her arms clinging tightly to her legs and sobbing. Shreds of her clothing’s which managed to remain during our intercourse was covered in blood, so also was my prick. I now realized why she was still sobbing. I had deflowered her in a most violent way.



  1. So far good… erotic nd fascinating I hope we learn something good from it.

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