Sunday , July 23 2017




When I woke up the next dawn; at about four in the morning. She had already left so I hurriedly tidied my office, cleaning up every traces of our encounter and then I rushed home afterwards to freshen up. When I got home, I met Clara asleep on the couch. She was probably up late waiting for me. I thought up an excuse but none came to my head. I will have to play it out like nothing happened.

When she woke up in the morning expecting an explanation, I acted like I didn’t owe her any. I knew she must be heartbroken but I didn’t care, Kemi was so far up in my head that I couldn’t wait to see her again. I hurriedly prepared for the office to evade Eunice’s query and the lost puppy look Clara was giving me that morning. I left for the office in an instant and was so engrossed with work till after office hours when Kemi came by to talk about last night events. I knew I held a soft spot in her heart but I was taken aback when she professed love for me. It was a little too soon judging from how long that we have known each other coupled with all the irregularities going on in my life but I felt something for Kemi which held me in doubt or was it because of the bulge growing again in my groins. The urge to kiss her lush lips was too much to ignore so as I placed my lips on hers, she accepted my exploring tongue and let the pleasure it was giving to seep into her. I slipped my hand right under her blouse to fondle her breasts.

She was so aroused that her nipples stood taut, waiting for my caress. I pulled up her blouse over her head and unstrapped her bra. I buried my face in her soft, succulent mounds, nibbling periodically at her nipples. She hurriedly unbuckled my belt and slipped my trousers down to my feet. Dragging her skirt up to her waist, she sat on my fully erect, vein-popping biggie. The penetration did give her a slight tremor as a mild moan escaped her lips and as she was riding my carriage that day, I felt accomplished in all ramifications.

I was so wrapped up in Kemi’s mind that she could do anything for me. She was at this point where I just needed a little convincing to make her do things she wouldn’t ordinarily do. I had her where I wanted her. I knew I just had to grease it up a bit and the CFO seat will be mine so I asked her to marry me. Even though I didn’t get her a ring which I covered with my excuse of the proposal being spontaneous, she gladly said yes to me.

Having two fiancées, a mistress and a side chick was massive. Right now I was no longer a player, I was certainly the coach. I just needed to keep things tight so that none of them could suspect a thing. Kemi’s case was a necessary evil for my CFO seat. I just had to wait till the next board meeting to get appointed. Meanwhile I had to follow her home on the weekend to meet her mother who was also a board member, how hard could that possibly be.

Trouble started on the morning that I was supposed to meet Kemi’s mum. As I was knotting my tie and checking out which cufflinks that suits my shirt best, Clara was sitting on the bed nagging about how insensitive I had been these past days. Our wedding was coming up really soon, how could I be treating her like she was insignificant. I felt that I should just keep mute and let her bare her mind, I had a big day coming and nobody was going to spoil that for me. Her nagging continued even as I was having difficulties fixing my cufflinks. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house.

When I was done, I moved across her, over to the bedside table to pick my phone. Nkeiru had riddled my phone with missed calls, thankfully it was on silent and skipped Clara’s notice otherwise she would have also made a fuss about why “Daniel(WORK)” would give me 26 missed calls. I hurriedly left the room for her and went straight downstairs, I could have gone to see Nkeiru but I wasn’t in the mood to deal with another unsatisfied lover.

I headed straight to my car and drove off to Kemi’s place. I had already picked her and was heading to her mother’s place when Nkeiru’s text came in. I felt there could be a reason why she was disturbing my phone so I read her text and froze in that instant. My fingers turned numb and my mind went blank, the blurry unarranged letters of her text that read “we need to talk, I’m pregnant” got me flipped into oblivion. I was unconscious of what went down further until Kemi shouted my name and brought me back as I was almost skidding off from the road.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?”, she asked in her tender, ever caring manner.

“Yes I’m totally fine, I might have lost focus battling how things might turn out with your mother” I replied giving her a bold-faced lie

“Do not worry, she will definitely like you”, she said still trying to soothe my racing heart. If only she knew what was going on in my life right now.


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