Thursday , July 20 2017



I felt remorse for what I had done but no amount of pleas could get the girl back her virginity. I wanted to help her get up but she shook off my hands as if they were prickly. I stood there watching her cry and all I could say was sorry. Soon after she was done crying, I tried helping her up again but she shook me off, limping all the way down the hall to her room, amidst sobs. I was so devastated, I felt bad but there was nothing much that I could do. I knew that I needed to get into her good books or else she will spill the beans.

So after the close of work the next day, I bought her a packet of pizza with coldstone ice cream and other things that girls fancied but she rejected them out rightly. I knelt down and pleaded but she still refused me. I then took it to another dimension, I explained that I was so much in love with her and couldn’t bear to keep away from her. I made her understand that I could never have showed her what I felt for her because my hands were tied; the fact that I was stil living with my fiancée and her mother in the same house. I also explained that what happened had to be done for me to really show her what I felt for her. I further capitalized on what every maid wanted to hear; that I had fallen head over heels for her and I intended to leave my fiancée for her, and promised to take her along while moving out and marry her soon afterwards. My brainwashing skills seemed to pay off as she was less experienced. That tale wouldn’t even shake the dust off a matured mind but she bought it and I was relieved. Clara did somehow notice that Nkiru was changing and also limping so when she mentioned it, I made her believe that it could be cramps from her monthly visitor.

During those times that I was engulfed in sorting out my issues with Nkiru; Kemi our recently appointed CEO who stood in for the board at our HQ, had taken immense interest in me because in her sights I was pious, focused, hardworking and handsome. Most of all I possessed a sexiness that could kill, if only she could really see the devil beneath the suit, she would change her perspective of me, but I wasn’t the devil after all.

Kemi’s wealth imprinted family owned the company and at thirty-two, she was the youngest CEO serving. Managing the company’s affairs and pushing it to greater heights was her sole aim so while I was still putting efforts through hard work to contribute into the company’s growth, I caught her attention and consequently my sexiness caught her interest too. With Kemi’s interest in me, I figured I could also use her to climb the ladder and reach enormous heights. Kemi wasn’t bad at all; in fact she was an epitome of spell bounding beauty. With a ravishing figure and a waist that was proportionately modeled. With the level of her beauty, one would think that would be her only asset but Kemi’s brains and creativity marveled me. Her manners and caring heart endeared me to her. We started spending more time after work deliberately without any reason just to enjoy more of each other’s company.

She started showering me with love and attention. She would bring me lunch in the office whenever I got held up with work that I couldn’t go out for lunch. She sometimes even stayed back after closing hours because I was working late. I knew she appreciated my efforts in uplifting the company’s books so she spent more time with me. One of our late nights together, I had finished putting together a balanced sheet and an expenses chart for our ongoing project and it was still a bit early in our usual late night routine so we decided to have a few glasses of wine. She started off a discussion amidst our drinking spree, commenting on how much of a gentleman I was, how different I was from other guys that she had been with. I joined her in the double seat couch she was sitting on and held her hands, looking directly into her eyes. I knew she had already had enough to drink but when she called out; I confirmed she was drunk. Her call was a bit rattling but her next action surprised me.

“I would like to know you more right now”… she said with an in alluring tone and at the same time using her middle finger to circle round my fly.

“But we do know each other naw”, I said claiming naïve of what she implied.

“Not like that sweetheart… this”, she replied and knelt down in between my spread legs and started unzipping my fly.

With her hands unbuckling my belt and unfolding clothing’s to get to my biggie, I knew I was about to get a nice time. When she finally got to it, I was almost erect and my tip already dripping of precum. The moment, she took me inside her mouth; I felt the heavens manifesting in my groins. Her moist tongue circling around my tip, licking me like some lollipop; making pleasure incision in my brains. Then she took me in fully in her mouth, her head moving rhythmically back and forth generating indescribable pleasure. I was mouth agape with subtle moans escaping my lips as Kemi certainly knew how to pleasure. I was almost about to cum when she disengaged and gave my biggie its last lickings and stood up, cleaning her mouth. Certainly that was no way to leave a nigga, so I grabbed her by the arm and flipped her around and kissed her like crazy. She was trying to fight me off but I was too deep inside her mouth that she couldn’t but return my kisses. I got her shirt unbuttoned and unstrapped her bra in a frenzy revealing the enormous double mounds of pure pleasure beneath it. As I fondled her soft breasts, tickling round her taut nipples with the tip of my fingernails. I gently bent her over my desk, flipping everything occupying space on it to the floor with my free arm. She was already positioned to take me so I pulled up her skirts to her waist and pulled her panties down to her feet’s revealing her pink and dripping wet labia, just waiting for my penetration. I hurriedly inserted my disk into her disk space and rammed her in quick succession. Her moans reverberated round the office as I put all my energy into each of those thrust. It was an awesome time banging my boss and I took my time in doing it. When I finally got off her, sapped of all my energy, I went to lay on the woolly-rugged floor in a bid to catch my breath. She lay down next to me after she was done wearing her panties and planted a kiss on my lips as I was right about dozing off.


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