Sunday , July 23 2017



When I opened the door to her room, I could hear her in the shower singing tunelessly so I cleared my throat to make her aware of my presence.

“Ma, is this a good time or should I come back later?”.. I asked still unsure of what I was called up for.

“No…check my wardrobe door, it is about to fall off.” She said over the sound of the trickling water.

I went over to fix the wardrobe door by her bedside which was really about to fall off. I was already engrossed in the work when she came out from the bathroom, a white towel wrapped around her curvy frame. The semi nvde figure walking about in the room captivated my attention but I had to concentrate on my work. Trying without focus to fix the hinge back into the wardrobe door. I tried to keep her out of my thoughts but then she bent over a stool directly opposite me with one leg raised on top of the stool sensually rubbing cream on the raised leg. Her movements were alluring and the raised leg was giving me sights to ponder on as I could clearly see the shades in-between her inner thighs. This was the height of it as I couldn’t possibly control my thoughts anymore. She stopped her cream rubbing cum seduction acts and moved close to me. I just stood transfixed as the loosely tied knot of her towel had given much liberty to her rigorously bouncing breast.

She came very close to me, rose on the tip of her toes and whispered “Kiss me” into my ears. I was dazed for moment but I did as she requested. Her tongue scrutinized every corner of my mouth in deep kisses as I nibbled at her lush lips, kissing her neck at intervals from her earlobes down to her throat. With my free hand, I loosened the knot and let the towel fall to the ground as I gently cupped her succulent breasts. With her tongue still in my mouth, I lifted her off the ground and carried her to the bed. I had already unzipped my fly and was about to let my nigga out when I heard my name, her third call practically brought me back to reality.

There my madam stood; arms akimbo, utterly flabbergasted. I had been practically living out my fantasy as I had been moaning loudly and mouthing kisses in the air. I was embarrassed as it was quite clear that what has just happened. I walked out of the room with my head becloud in shame and deep remorse. I got my mind ready in case she wanted to terminate my employment and I had to get an explanation ready for Clara.

Moments later, just before evening, her knock came on my door. I braced myself for the worst. When she came in she sat on my bed and crossed her legs with a prim expression on her face.

“What was that before??”..she asked still keeping her face expressionless

“See Ma, I can explain….it is not what you think it is….”. I lied still trying to cover up.

“I’m quite sure I know what I saw, so tell me what was that?”

“I’m really sorry ma…I don’t know what got into me ma, it is the devil’s handwork” I mumbled in apology.

“The devils work eh???”

“I’m so sorry ma; I promise it will not happen again.”

“It’s okay, enough with the apologies already…so tell me, did I really arouse you??” she asked with a twist on her lips which I shouldn’t even take as a smile.

I wasn’t sure of what to make of her question, so I kept mute and bent my head. She drew closer to me and whispered “kiss me” into my ears. I rose up my head in surprise, I wasn’t sure I heard her well the first time until she repeated it. I was still hesitating when she wrapped her arms round my neck and kissed me like crazy. Her kisses were ravaging and her moist lips were just as I had imagined. I flipped her over on the bed and set myself in between her legs even as I was still tongue-deep in her mouth. I let my kisses run down the course of her throat as I toyed around the swell on her cleavages with my tongue. Next minute, clothes were flying in different directions as I hurriedly unstrapped her bra releasing the succulent mounds of flesh beneath it. I cupped her still firm, bouncing breasts and let my tongue ravage it leaving traces of saliva round her nipples. Just as her intermediate moans were coming through, I slid down my fingers into her skirt and gently shifted her panties to the side, vigorously rubbing off her moist cove with my fingers. She clung her lean frame on me and held me tightly, silently beckoning my penetration. I let her pant after my filling for a while longer as I bade my time. She gently slid out of her panties and threw it at me in welcome to what I had to offer. I crept on all fours and let my beards brush through her moist cove as I brought my face down to her private’s to give her a good head. She let out a gasp as she couldn’t contain the pleasure coming from my tongue. She couldn’t wait any longer as I all I could hear her mutter was “please take me sweet heart”…      Finally I did let her have a feel of what I got and with a slow, gentle motion; I penetrated her dampness with my full length, giving her ecstatic pleasure in an instant. Her moans kept reverberating even as she kept jerking back and forth from my massive thrusts. When eventually we did cum, it turned out a blast.



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